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We want to hear from you! Our goal is to consistently deliver the best available patient care and exceptional client service, and your valuable feedback helps us to both achieve that goal and to communicate the value of our services to others.

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My family recently had to make…

by Andrea Pettine

My family recently had to make the hard choice of ending our black labs pain. She had several conditions that were causing her constant pain and making it hard for her to get around. We could no longer stand to see her that way and after looking at her the staff here agreed with our choice. From the moment we got there I know we made the right choice.

The staff was very nice and you could tell they shared in our grief. Its never easy saying goodbye to a fur member of the family but they did it in a way that didn’t leave the heart bleeding. They let us stay with her the whole time and gave us all the time we needed to say goodbye. They treated her with respect and love the entire time this process went on. You could not ask to be treated better when dealing with something so hard.

We cannot thank Dr. Smith and her…

by Arnold Ronzoni

We cannot thank Dr. Smith and her staff enough for the care they provided to Molly, our Sheltie, who passed recently. Molly suffered from arthritis and kidney problems, yet with the treatment provided by Ark, she lived fifteen wonderful years. Many people say that their pets are “like” a member of the family. The staff of Ark Animal Hospital, however, realizes that pets “are” family members.

We firmly believe that Ark considers pets for which they care to be a part of their family, also We thank all of the Ark family for their condolences. In addition, we will miss the four-legged friends roaming the halls of Ark who would always greet us with a loving tail-wag. I am sure that Molly is on the Rainbow Bridge thanking all of you, too.

From the moment you walk in,you…

by Richard P

From the moment you walk in,you feel welcomed. Dr. Smith along with Tecs Ashley and Kelly are some of the most caring and professionals that I have ever…

My family and I have been using…

by Jonathan Russo

My family and I have been using Ark Animal Hospital for over 25 years for all species of pets. Dr. Smith and her staff is second to none for all animal care. They really make your pet and you feel right at home and part of the family. I now take my Brittany Astor there and he loves it! Many of my hunting friends bring their dogs to Ark as well and all have had great experiences.

Dr. Smith has been the most helpful…

by Zalon Wolf

Dr. Smith has been the most helpful medical professional I have ever come across in the Veterinary world. She gave me the tools I needed, always made herself available, and always gave me several options on going about things. She and the rest of her staff appear very sympathetic to struggles and I feel on more than one occasion they have gone above and beyond some usual care to ensure that my lovely pet Rabbits are okay.

I had one rabbit who had a surprise problem which caused her eye to need immediate extraction and even though it was expensive when observed by the cost of a rabbit itself – my baby was saved.(And severely cheaper than every other vet was offering to do it for.) I was given several phone councils for advice on how to proceed with things, as far as getting ideas and running it across her which further helped my rabbits recovery.

Today I went in again with my other rabbit who appears to have a bacterial infection in his jawline. She remains positive and hopeful that he -can- make a full recovery if kept up on. While I know there are -no- 100% guarantees in the medical world, especially when coupled with pets that cannot tell you what they feel like. I am 100% confident that the doctor and staff will put forth their best.

I love these people! Chosen at…

by Anna Lorence

I love these people! Chosen at random because I was new to the area I was there for two days during the worst week of my life and let me tell you the people at Ark Animal Hospital were a pleasure to see and talk to even when my poor kitten was fatally sick and had to be put down. They are all so sweet and understanding. I considered taking my cat in as an emergency and the price was $75.

That’s insanely reasonable especially in a Philly suburb. Their other prices were great and they don’t push anything on you (the doctor told me the price of obviously needed blood-work as if I might turn it down instead of like most doctors who just go ahead and do everything).

When I had to put my kitty down they offered a check-up before hand and then told me it was completely fine if I said no instead of pressuring me into it. When I get a new kitty friend I will be heading here 100%! Thank you guys 🙂


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