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At first, Kim didn’t want to work in a veterinary setting with domestic animals—she wanted to spend time with exotic creatures. Once she began caring for small animals at a local pet store, though, Kim realized what she really wanted to do: help any animal in need! Immediately, Kim began her journey toward working in an animal hospital and never looked back.

Kim is originally from Newtown, Pennsylvania. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in psychobiology and working in the veterinary field for a short period, she returned to school at Manor College to receive her veterinary technician’s certification.

Drawing blood, interacting with snakes, birds, and reptiles, and helping to train the staff on technical skills are a few of Kim’s favorite things to do around the clinic. She also loves continuing her own education by learning something new constantly.

At home, Kim lives with two Chihuahuas, Pooh Bear and Scampy, as well as three cats named Monty, Mateo and Moo.