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Sequoya was the neighborhood pet sitter while she was growing up, because she just felt natural around pets. Always an animal lover, she had been bringing her own pets to Ark Animal Hospital since 1992. When the opportunity arose to work here, she jumped at the chance!

Sequoya grew up in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. She used to work in a human hospital, and managed to secure a few part-time hours in a veterinary practice when she could. As soon as a full-time position was offered to her, she readily accepted the chance to work with animals every day.

Sequoya and her husband, Kerwin, have three daughters named Sienna, Ruby, and Rosalie who are also animal lovers. The family shares their home three dogs named Carmela, Nina, and Punkie.

Sequoya’s personal interests include home decorating, visiting thrift stores, singing karaoke, and cooking for her family.